The Hermes Birkin Designer Bag: A Better & Smarter Investment than the Stock Market?

Investing hard-earned money in stocks or even start-ups isn’t unheard of; It’s actually the most recommended move to make when you suddenly come into a lot of money that you either can’t possibly fathom to spend all at once or you want to double, triple, or more. Here at Vintage Boo Boo we believe in sharing, so what we’re about to tell you may sound far-fetched or even a little insane but trust the process! Investing in art, real estate, even Rolex watches are all sound choices, but what if we were to tell you that investing in Hermes Birkin designer bags has proven to be just as profitable, if not more, as investing in the stock market? Have we lost you yet?

Studies have shown that rare Hermes Birkin designer bags such as ones made with exotic leathers including crocodile leather, ostrich leather, or alligator leather, have averaged a 14.2% annual return over the past four decades, a return that beats the price of gold!

In 1981, the annual average return for designer bags including the Hermes Birkin designer bag range, was sitting at $2,000 while in 2016 that return had increased to $12,000. That’s an incredible and staggering increase for an accessory piece, especially one mainly geared towards affluent women. While some are investing in an unpredictable stock market, you’d be investing in a piece that has undeniably never had a ‘bad’ year since its inception.

This is a testament to how well Hermes Birkins have stood the test of time! However, does that mean your Birkin bag is guaranteed to get you at least a $10,000 profit if you decide to resell it? The answer to that is most probably, no. While these figures are true, reselling something as exclusive and coveted as a Hermes Designer Birkin bag is a little more complicated and requires authentication from verified resellers that will be taking commission, it may be near the original price of the bag. It’s a risk that some are willing to take, and it may be best to resell through a trusted vintage store, like Vintage Boo Boo, rather than a big reseller that will most likely ask for a large commission.


Hermes Designer Birkin bag


However, the Hermes Designer Birkin Bag's resale value or annual return figures aren’t the only way to measure whether this purchase is an investment or not. At Vintage Boo Boo, we believe that a Birkin is a symbol of status, a signifier of style, accomplishment, and timeless appreciation for what is essentially a piece of art as Hermes Birkins are all handmade by a single person that has gone under rigorous training that usually takes up to 4 years. This fact alone makes Hermes and the Birkin range an incredible art piece that not only can you display, but you can also use every day – as it’s recommended by the woman that inspired it, Jane Birkin herself! Iconic and unique, a Hermes Birkin bag can withstand the test of time brilliantly and will last you generations upon generations to come. A family heirloom you can pass down to your daughter, a piece that can connect distant family members, a bag that can carry way more than just your everyday essentials but a little bit of history and a lot of memories from a full life.

So the question, in our opinion, has an easy answer: a Hermes Designer Birkin bag is a better personal investment, that may also prove to be a smart general investment that would generate a profit were you to resell it!

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