Vintage Pieces for your Mykonos Vacation

With stunning beaches, iconic whitewashed houses, and world-class dining and nightlife, Mykonos has long been a top destination for jet setters seeking the ultimate in luxury travel. And what better way to complement the glamour and sophistication of this island paradise than with a selection of carefully curated vintage and preowned luxury clothing and accessories from Vintage Boo Boo? Whether you're lounging on the beach, strolling along the cobblestone pathways, or living it up in one of Mykonos’ countless exclusive clubs, Vintage Boo Boo has the perfect piece to help you look your best and feel your most confident. From iconic brands like Chanel and Dior to rare and highly coveted items like the Birkin bag, Vintage Boo Boo has everything you need to make your Mykonos vacation an unforgettable experience. Start your exploration of our stock with these handpicked items that we think are ideal choices for the best holiday, ever.

For your beach days:

For those wild nights out with the crew:

For your daily strolls:


Your accessories:

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