Fashion Icons & The Iconic Bags Named After Them

It takes a lot to truly be an Icon in the world of fashion, and we, here at Vintage Boo Boo, have a deep appreciation for the world’s foremost fashion icons, and of course, the fabulous bags named after them! Take a look at some of the most famous bags in the world of fashion and the icons they were named after.

The Kelly – Hermès

The original Kelly bag, unlike its very similar Birkin, wasn’t initially created with Grace Kelly in mind. While available in the 30s, the bag was renamed to honour its most famous owner in the 50s, after the actress-turned-royal famously attempted to hide her baby bump from paparazzi with her Sac à Dépêches bag, now famously known as The Kelly. Today, it remains one of the most sought-after bags of all time, evocating a sense of style and class that is rarely found in contemporary designs. You can find our vintage Hermès Kelly bag on our Vintage Boo Boo’s pre-owned and vintage shop.

The Jackie – Gucci

A current fave, this shoulder bag was originally named The Fifties Constance but was renamed The Jackie 1961 as the former First Lady had shown quite a bit of favouritism for this beautifully elegant and minimal bag. In most recent years, Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, redesigned the hobo-style shoulder bag and breathed new life into it, making it one of today’s most trending items in fashion. Find more of Gucci’s incredible designs in our Vintage Boo Boo shop and keep your eyes open for more vintage choices to come!

Lady Dior – Dior

Princess Diana remains one of the world’s best known fashion icons, so it’s only fitting she has an iconic bag named after her. Originally the Chouchou bag, this statement accessory was renamed to honour the people’s princess in 1996, after she was spotted multiple times with this quilted beauty. A delicate piece, the Lady Dior remains one of Dior’s most famous bags to this day. Find a pre-owned, rare, and rather funky variation of the Lady Dior on our Vintage Boo Boo shop.

The Birkin – Hermès

Undoubtedly the most famous bag of all time, the Birkin was inspired by its namesake in 1984 after she had some trouble with her overstuffed wicker basket bag on a flight with Jean-Louis Dumas, Hermès’ executive chairman at the time. A bag that is now synonymous with elegance and timeless style, the Birkin has achieved greatness and reputation fit for its namesake. An iconic bag that will remain in fashion’s history forever. Find Vintage Boo Boo’s vast selection of rare pre-owned and vintage Birkins on our shop.

The SC – Louis Vuitton

This one’s for the film girls; The SC by Louis Vuitton came to fruition in 2010 when, Academy Award-winning director, actress, and fashion icon, Sofia Coppola co-designed the SC with Louis Vuitton Creative Director Marc Jacobs to create this beauty. Inspired by the LV Speedy, this bag has a signature look that will always remain in style, just like its namesake. Find Vintage Boo Boo’s vintage Louis Vuitton stock on our shop and keep an eye out for more pre-owned or vintage gems like this one!

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