Pre-Owned Hermes Birkin Designer bags & The Power of Choice

Pre-owned Hermes Birkin Designer bags from stores such as Vintage Boo Boo are taking the fashion world by storm on a day by day basis with their main attraction point being that they are offering the power of choice to consumers that they simply cannot get in a store.


Pre owned Hermes designer bags

A Hermes Birkin designer bag is undeniably an iconic piece of fashion history, and its exclusivity plays a big role in its legacy. Purchasing a Hermes Birkin is an adventurous journey one has to embark on, and it all starts with a Hermès boutique as Birkin bags are not sold online by the House of Hermès. While it’s possible to simply enter a boutique and request a luxurious Hermes Birkin bag, this method is not full proof. What would typically happen is that you would be told that there aren't any in stock and that you should check again at a later date, with every chance that this would never actually happen.

The Hermes luxury bags are a sought after piece, and you should develop a relationship with a sales assistant for them to be more aware of your existence as a customer and as someone who wants to purchase a Hermes Birkin designer bag. Customers with a long purchase history at a specific Hermès boutique are more likely to be offered a Birkin sooner than ones with a smaller history or none at all, and even when offered, the choices are bound to be limited as most will not be given the options to custom-make their first Hermes Birkin nor will they be given an unlimited amount of choices as is the norm with most luxury brands.

Here at Vintage Boo Boo, we believe all these details make for an elusive purchase journey that no other luxury brand features, it’s one of the reasons why a Hermes Birkin designer bag is much more than just a bag; it’s a symbol of status, exclusive access, as well as an incredibly elegant accessory.

But (and it’s a big one), with its purchase requirements being so strict, many fashion and luxury enthusiasts who are interested in owning a Hermes Birkin have been turning towards pre-owned (or, pre-loved as we like to say!) Hermes Birkins. While the prices vary depending on their condition, their rarity, and their materials, pre-owned Hermes Birkins offer something that new ones can’t: the power of choice. It’s incredibly rare for someone to be offered full control and customisation of their Birkin through Hermès itself, it almost never happens even with their most loyal of customers, so the power that pre-owned Hermes Birkin bags have is that it is much easier to find an exact model and make that you love and that personally resonates with you and your taste. Hermes Birkins come in four different sizes: 25, 30, 35, and 40, with the 30 being one of the most popular sizes, and their leather ranges from your standard Togo and Calfbox to the more exotic and elusive crocodile and ostrich. What we here at Vintage Boo Boo are trying to say is that the options are endless and the combinations you can make up in your mind for your dream Hermes Birkin are limitless, so when a limit comes in the form of a choice between two or three designer bags, then that dream suddenly comes to a halting stop!

Vintage Boo Boo and countless other vintage stores around the world that offer pre-loved luxury items are here to make every Hermes Birkin-lover’s dreams come true; whether you dream of a Hermes Birkin 30 Rouge Clemence designer bag with gold hardware or a Hermes Birkin 25 Rose Sakura Swift designer bag with palladium hardware, you’ll probably find one being re-sold with little to no wear and tear. While prices will almost definitely be higher than buying in-store, the power of choice is quite possibly priceless in the eyes of a keen customer that wants to skip the hassle and have a choice of what they take home.

All in all, exclusivity and some forms of discrimination have turned a lot of luxury enthusiasts towards buying vintage Hermes Birkin Designer bags from stores such as Vintage Boo Boo; The same craftmanship, the same authentic and timeless style, with the added bonus of being able to make a fast purchase with no hassle and the ability to make a better and more personal choice.



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